Dr. David Fair, Knoxville Chiropractor TN

                               David Francis Fair, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician & Wellness Consultant

                  1720 Tonalea Road Knoxville, TN 37909
(865) 584-8444

Meet Dr. Fair

doc2.pngDr. David Francis Fair is a Wellness Consultant and graduate Chiropractic Physician, licensed in the State of Tennessee since 1990. He was awarded his BA in 1975 from Oblate College (Philosophy/Psychology) in Washington, DC; his AGS in 1984 from Community College of Philadelphia (pre-chiropractic) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and his DC in 1987 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. Fair initially practiced in a small rural community, New Windsor, Illinois as well as Davenport, Iowa for the first two years following graduation. Following a tragic family incident in 1989, the Fair's relocated to Tennessee at the request of Mrs. Fair, who felt an urgent obligation to assist her family with the raising of a two year old left motherless due to a fatal motor vehicle accident...her faithfulness and consistency over the past twenty-two plus years has had a significant impact on the young man's life to date.

Consequently moving to Knoxville, Dr. Fair worked as a Staff Chiropractor for the Lensgraf Clinics from June 1990 until February 1991, at which time he was appointed full-time on-site staff Chiropractor for the Knoxville satellite office of the Sunshine Chiropractic Clinics. This position he held until March 1993, when he purchased a clinic, subsequently named 'The Alternative Health Center' on Western Avenue.

In 2003, Dr. Fair, responding to many new responsibilities, and in order to centralize his efforts, moved his practice to his home...where he has continued to see patients on a somewhat abbreviated schedule (or at least attempts to) for the past twelve years.

Dr. Fair is married to Sue McDowell Fair who together have raised three adult children and feel richly blessed with the addition to their family of five precious young grandchildren, in addition to their miniture Daschund, Sadie (who UNwillingly suffers NOT visiting with patients when they arrive for their appointments).